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Drain Inspection & Camera Survey

Drain inspection Bognor Regis 0791 7852384

Drain inspection by Chris 0791 7852384.

We are a two man operation that has been working in the drainage industry all our working lives and we have carried out a lot of drain cctv survey inspections in that time.

Alf has over 35 years drain inspection knowledge and experience.

Chris has over 25 years drain cctv survey experience.

Drain Inspection Bognor Regis
Chris 0791 7852384.

We believe that with all our years of experience as drainage engineers we are the perfect engineers to carry out your drain camera inspection as we no what we are looking at with a well trained eye we can spot any problems or possible problems and can advise you of the best cause of action for your drains if required.

Drain Inspection

Our drain inspection camera / pipe camera is a very good quality scanprobe camera as we want to make sure our picture quality is good when our sewer camera goes into the drains so we can carry out a perfect cctv drain survey.

Drain Patch Repairs

Drain patch repairs are small patches that can go over faulty pipe work/ joints, the patch consist of basically a fibre glass sheet which is then  soaked in a resin and rolled onto a rubber tube (packer) and pushed into position and then inflated and left until resin has cured and the rubber tube (packer) is then deflated and pulled out,which leaves a perfect repair and seal.

Unblock Blocked Toilet Sink Sewer Drains Camera

Drain Lining

Drain lining can also repair faulty pipe work/ joints the liner is similar to a roll out fireman’s hose apart from the inside has a felt type material inside which is impregnated with a resin which absorbs the resin, once absorbed the liner is push through the drain pipe to the point were repair is need and inflated and left until resin is cured leaving a full structural repair.

Please note we carry out both drain lining and patch repairs, so if you have water coming into your cellar from the your drain or drains that keep blocking due to out of line drain joints please give us a call.

 Drain Excavation

If we have carried out a drain inspection / drain cctv survey and found a pipe that requires digging up, we have both carried out lots of drain repairs and full renewals and are fully capable of making a good repair using the correct joining methods and refilling the excavation with the correct materials.

Chris 0791 7852384.

Drain Inspection

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